Overview & Features

We’re developing scanners and software to help our clients run their infrastructure (on-premise and IaaS) smoothly and take them into the Cloud.

OpsAI is 3 things:

A Scanner – finding all the nooks and crannies in your existing IT infrastructure

A Governance System – keeping track of compliances and risks in your IT infrastructure

A Cloud Center of Excellence Tool – helping modern day infrastructure migrate into the Cloud

In its purest form it is an IT Infrastructure Monitoring tool – an Online CMDB – who can help you retake control of your IT environment.

A few steps away from full visibility
The OpsAI scanner collects and stores data about your IT infrastructure – both on-prem and cloud

Technical Debt
Using OpsAI you are only a click away from total INSIGHT into all relevant information about your Technical Debt

Do the math, make the case
OpsAI gives you all the numbers and metrics required to build business cases for change – based on the reality of your current IT.

IT Governance & Cloud Center of Excellence Tool
The OpsAI scanner gives you clear INSIGHTS into all relevant aspects of your IT infrastructure

You too, are in the software business

Your company exist to give great value to your clients.

“Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide SaaS services,” this a quote by Satay Nadella, he’s the CEO of Microsoft – he said this back in 2015. We are well on the way.

And you are only as good as the software you meet your customer in. You use software to generate leads, close sale, provision the order, invoice the client and offer customer care. Balancing and forecasting is also done in your software.