IT Governance & Cloud Center of Excellence Tool

OpsAI is an agentless scanner and an IT Governance platform, converting strategies and best practice into a Cloud Center of Excellence, helping your company into the cloud.

OpsAI offers governance for your whole IT infrastructure

Maximize benefits by setting up a Cloud Center of Excellence

Minimize risks by actionable INSIGHTS from the Real Time Agentless Scanner

With a stabile IT Governance Platform, IT operation is reduced to fixing anomalies and deviation from the standard. 

IT Governance
An IT Governance platform is a management system defining the methods an organization use to implement, manage and monitor IT resources within an organization.

Cloud Center of Excellence
A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a cross-functional team of people responsible for developing and managing the cloud strategy, governance and best practices.

IT Governance

OpsAI is an IT Governance management system defining the methods an organization use to implement, manage and monitor IT resources within an organization.

An IT Governance system should include as a minimum, these 2 elements:

  • Leadership to manage the IT infrastructure

  • Organizational structures and processes (including roles)

OpsAI helps you ensuring your IT organization sustains and extends the organizations strategies and objectives for the benefit of the business.

Every IT department has to know what its strengths and liabilities are – mapped on the exiting IT infrastructure. IT Governance manage your risk.

  • What is the state of the servers in use (development, test
    and production)?

  • What OS and software are running the business

  • How is the IT infrastructure patched and supported?

A proper IT governance system also defines what roles your team should cover and what access they should have.

Using tagging in OpsAI enables you to describe all parts of your operations and all applications.

OpsAI – Your IT Governance Platform

These are some of the reasons why OpsAI should become your new IT Governance Platform.

  • Reduce IT Risk: The OpsAI App visualizes Risk –
    pinpointing the servers with Technical Debt, making it
    easier for you to act.

  • Reduce IT Cost: The OpsAI Scanner offers real time
    INSIGHT into your infrastructure – including a migration
    and right-sizing simulation tool.

  • Fewer surprises and less frustration: The OpsAI
    Dashboard gives you a perfect view of all your
    infrastructure, removing surprises and frustrations.

  • Improvement in quality: The OpsAI Server Lists shows
    where you have surplus resources you can use for new

  • Enhanced delivery: With total INSIGHT into your IT
    infrastructure, you can offer better delivery your
    company and customers.

OpsAI Is Your IT Governance Rule Book

A IT Governance Platform provides guidelines and measures how effectively you utilize your IT resources. It also maps processes within your organization, notably rules of usage and responsibilities of the users.

So, in short it is the IT departments rules and responsibility book.

Advise Tool – Making You More Compliant

OpsAI enables protection of states and gives you access to active monitoring. Turning INSIGHTS into action. That is exactly what todays IT infrastructure management demands.

The OpsAI Governance platform will offer you actionable suggestions.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What do we need to become ISO27001 compliant?

  • I have X USD left in my budget, what should I spend it

    – To increase performance.
    – To reduce Technical Debt.
    – To reduce Risk.
    – To move a server into the Cloud.

  • I have a deficit of X USD in my budget, where can I find
    the saving?

OpsAI toolkit for Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

The way we run our IT infrastructures is changing. A lot of focus in on building core teams who can take the business forward. OpsAI helps you identifying a Hero Project – and blazing a trail for future business.

Our focus is on:

  • Cross platform teams

  • Agility in DevOps

  • Speed of development

We support this development of this new focus. Building a little team who understand Cloud will make you work much better and much faster.

This is the definition of such a team called a Cloud Center of Excellence.

” A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a cross-functional team of people responsible for developing and managing the cloud strategy, governance, and best practices that the rest of the organization can leverage to transform the business using the cloud. The CCoE leads the organization as a whole in cloud adoption, migration, and operations. It may also be called a Cloud Competency Center, Cloud Capability Center, or Cloud Knowledge Center”

Definition by
CloudCheckr-Cloud-Management-Report 2017

Cloud Academy

Through our partner Cloudeon we offer training for your IT resources through Cloudeon Academy. This prepare them for the future of cloud computing and assist in building your Cloud Center of Excellence. They can also help you identify a hero Project for your team.

The Challenges

This is some of the reasons why you should consider making OpsAI your IT Governance platform:

  • Risk aware: The OpsAI App visualizes risk – and help
    you choose the right servers to migrate to the Cloud.

  • Cost effective: The OpsAI Scanner offers real time
    knowledge and helps you simulate scenarios for the

  • Structures: The OpsAI Asset Graph shows you a real
    time picture of the dependencies in your IT

  • Quality conscience: OpsAI Server Lists show you the
    performance of every server.

  • Change capable: With total INSIGHT making decisions
    easier and faster to make.

OpsAI can help you get your business up to speed and your IT department to offer the services and quality the business needs.