A few steps away from 100% transparency

Moving your Digital Estate forward without the compromises

Reduce IT Expenses 

Helps Strenghten IT Security

Helps Increase Development Speed

OpsAI shows you the real state of your infrastructure

OpsAI shows the true state of your infrastructure in real-time, allowing you to simulate how changes will affect the future of your Digital Estate.

The OpsAI dashboard updates in real-time by continuously scanning your IT Infrastructure.

Managing your Digital Estate

OpsAI enables you to validate business decisions and identify the areas that could improve, making sure that you can justify current and future IT expenses.

OpsAI enables you to see the effects and calculate the precise costs for changes in your Digital Estate. Helping you to plan and structure your work as a result of those changes.

Expand the Knowledge of Your IT Infrastructure

Ineffective IT platforms are costly, slow and complicates security. It can be difficult to pinpoint what is the root cause of these issues can be.

OpsAI can solve that problem by scanning your infrastructure and showing you where the weakest links in your IT are. With the right overview of the problem areas, you can make the plans and budgets needed to fix these issues, saving you from making costly snap decisions.

The Dashboards you need

Misunderstandings often affect the cost and security of our IT infrastructure.
OpsAI makes all relevant information about your IT infrastructure available through dashboards with easily accessible graphs and clear numbers.

OpsAI provides the foundation for your digital transformation.


The cost section of the OpsAI platform gives you an overview of the potential savings when moving your assets to the Cloud either mapped 1:1 (Lift-and-Shift) or right-sized and based on Cloud provider, region, commitment and licensing.

  • Estimate your future Cloud costs by right-sizing your IT estate

  • Map business application groups with the right license metrics

  • Get INSIGHT into your IT infrastructure based on critical
    business application communication

OpsAI prepares you for a Cloud transformation and builds your business case on facts – today.


OpsAI can be installed within an hour. Within a short time after installation, you are presented with the knowledge needed about your IT infrastructure to start reducing Technical Debt and IT expenses.

Screen your…:

  • IT security level

  • Microsoft Windows / Microsoft SQL Server patch status

  • Patch level status of your servers and VM’s

  • Software version overview

  • Monitor servers and critical software


OpsAI can be installed in an hour. After installation it only takes a short time to obtain knowledge of your system that enables you start reducing Technical Debt and IT expenses.

Scanning and building information about your infrastructure