Our DNA: Our commitment to you, and our selves:

We are committed to develop simple and powerful tools giving you full INSIGHT into your IT infrastructure and to help you with Governance

We’ll design our tools on these values:

  • We offer you new INSIGHTS into your IT infrastructure
  • We give you the power of INSIGHT
  • We’re honest and open
  • We want to help you
  • We’re passionate about the Cloud
  • We have a strong business focus
  • We show it (we ARE it)

Our Company

OpsAI is a subsidiary of Cloudeon.

Cloudeon is a Cloud Migration Specialist. The company was established in 2015 and have grown into a business with a turnover of 100M DKK (2018). We are a little over 100 employees.

Cloudeon operates in the field of Cloud Consultancy. In 2018 TDC Erhverv became an equity partner in Cloudeon.

OpsAI is an internal software development team within Cloudeon – operating as an autonomous scrum team. We’re cross platform – with experts in Front end, backend, data science, UX/UI and Cloud operations. OpsAI is managed by a business manager and a Product Owner – and one marketing staff.

Our Background

Over the years – and here it is, what we’ve been hinting at – we have experienced time and again, when we were presenting our Cloud Transition plans at our client’s office – Showing them their Cloud Reality (i.e. where their technical debt was) – they were as much interested in our tool as in the state of their server patching.

This tool was given the name OpsAI – and speaking to our clients we realized it would make a good SaaS product.

We want to help companies put their systems and applications in the Cloud. When you help you go into Microsoft’s data center, we think it’s natural to help you to go further. Here, we have a super-interesting tool – that can map a company’s systems and applications and start you planning how to get into the Cloud. That is why other companies – like our investor TDC are – so interested in us.

Peter Juhl, PO at OpsAI